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Why Dental Tourism in Dominican Republic?

Get a new smile in a holiday paradise

Dominican Republic is in a very desirable geographical position in America. Considered by many as a holiday paradise at very reasonable costs, dental tourism packages at this country become very attractive. It is increasingly served by direct flights from North America and Europe, and is just a mere 2 hour flight away from Miami. Costs, time and quality of workmanship enable international patients to achieve the same results they could get in the finest dental clinics in the United States and Europe.

We have some of the most diverse landscape in the region. Home to the tallest peak in the Caribbean, as well as the largest salt water lake, this beautiful island has a ton of microclimates that make it a thriving destination for ecotourism. It's booming nightlife is expected as it is the birthplace of some lively latin dancing rhythyms, and Dominicans are renowned for their warm hositable nature. But what this country is most famous for by far are it's great beaches, all inclusive resorts and laid back tropical living.

Plan your trip

We make your travelling process easier by providing free of charge transportation to and from the airport, which is also available to and from the clinic and your lodging. . We assist our patients in booking accommodation at one of the many hotels or apartments in the clinic’s area, and organizing leisure free-time activities such as sightseeing tours and relaxation time at our world-renowned beaches. If needed for surgery procedures, we will assist the patient in booking a recommended recovery home.


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Why DentArtist?

With our online consulting platform, we are able to schedule a pre-consultation before you travel. This allows you to meet our doctors who will evaluate your x-rays, analyze mandibular movements, phonetics, facial/intra-oral proportions and much more. We instruct you on how to take the pictures we need to digitally design your smile.

We have a top-notch, on-site dental laboratory that permits us to deliver aesthetic procedures in unmatched short wait time. DentArtist counts with a highly competent team of dental specialists that have received their education at international schools, speak english and many are board certified in United States. Our patients will be given the best materials used in high-tech dentistry.

For patient commodity, we have a safe online payment method within our website. This is a quicker way to pay, which avoids patients the need to carry their final payment in cash during their trip, or have to go through the hassle of international bank transfers or deposits. To be able to answer any questions or inquiries, we have a 1-800 phone number that allows patients to call from United States at no charge.